Sunday, December 9, 2007

HobbyCon - What's Going On Part II

Kira Yamato with Misa-chan

We got the shock of our lives when our convention was visited by the infamous Kira and Misa-chan just now @.@"

In case you folks are still not here at the currently most happening place in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, we are now running the Magic The Gathering Legacy Format Tournament. There will be live updates and photos once the pairings have been done d (^.^) b

Warhammer 40k player setting up the terrains used for the game...

Also in our convention, the Warhammer 40k players are just starting their demo games. Ever played the Warhammer 40k computer game but wondered where did the original game came from? Well, better get down here and witness how the computer game was created based on the top UK tabletop game !

Up later on our list of programs will be more cosplaying and Magic The Gathering Side Events. So stay put for more updates or better yet, come join us at Kompleks Asia City for the first ever Hobby Convention for Sabah !


Cinamoroll said...



*hugs em both*
Ki likes em :)

Joanna Lye said...

i only made it to the the 1st day of the event. that guys looks more alike in "L" yesterday btw. HobbyCon 2007 success !!! Looking forward to join next cosplay.

m@rs|ee said...

yay! i ish looking forward for J-na's cosplay next year!!

i love the Death Note cosplayers! they're good! <3

Nicholas said...

Sorry for no posts after the 2pm yesterday... The Wi-fi connection at the Concourse Area died and could not be restored T_T

Anyways will update this site once we finished our project of compiling all the photos for the past 2 days into 1 huge Event Gallery. So till then... USACHAN PEACE !

P.s. Thanks to all readers who pointed out that the Death Note character is called Yagami Light @ Kira and NOT Kira Yamato (from Gundam SeeD) XD

meatball online said...

wow... looks really interesting!